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Treatment Prices

Appointments & Prices

Your first appointment will include an initial assessment and will last between 45mins and one hour. Further treatment sessions will last about 45 minutes.

The cost of Physiotherapy Treatment is:

75 for initial physiotherapy assessment & treatment

75 for follow up physiotherapy treatments

Sports Injury

75 for injury prevention & performance screening

Home Visits For Physiotherapy

75 For Home Visits Depending On Location


65 Acupuncture

75 Physiotherapy & Acupuncture


80 for 45 mins

Sports Massage

75 Sports massage (45mins)

Hand and Wrist Rehabilitation following a fracture or surgery

If you are having difficulty in mobilising your hand or arm post fracture or injury you will need to consider in having it correctly mobilised to regain range of movement and to regain power. Please contact me for details.

65 Initial assessment & Treatment

Please ensure you wear appropriate attire. You will be asked to remove your top for back, neck and shoulder assessment and wear shorts for back, hip, knee and ankle pain.

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