FAQ #01

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I expect on my first visit?
Your first visit will incorporate the initial assessment and treatment. A detailed history of your present condition and medical status will be taken, followed by a methodical and thorough clinical examination. The diagnosis of your present condition will be discussed and together your treatment plan will be established.

Occasionally after examination, the physiotherapist may feel further investigations need to be done, i.e. MRI scans, X-rays, Ultrasound scans etc. If this is the case, we can then liaise with your GP and request these to be done.

How long is the first visit?
The inital assessment and treatment will last between 45 minutes to one hour.

What should I wear?
For neck, shoulder and upper back conditions a loose fitting top is required. For lower back, hip and lower leg conditions, shorts are required. Generally, clothing that are loose and comfortable to perform movements is ideal.

How often will I require treatment?
The number of treatments is difficult to generalise because it will depend on the presenting condition and diagnosis. The earlier you are treated with physiotherapy for your condition, the better the outcome and speedy recovery. The average number of physiotherapy treatments for clients is four.

How long are follow up treatments?
Follow up treament sessions are usually 45 mins.

By which methods do you accept payment?
We accept payment by cheque or cash. Unfortunately, we do not accept debit/credit cards

What facilities do you have?
There is a reception room, private treatment room and toilets available.

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